Turtle - Pink (Two Micro sizes)

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Introducing our super small chastity cage, featuring a lightweight ergonomic design. This cage is perfect for those more advanced on their chastity journey. The smooth finish ensures the cage is comfortable for long-term wear.

Now available in two Micro sizes - select from Turtle-78 or Turtle-79

  • High quality material 
  • Lightweight at approx. 94-96* grams
  • Lock up with an integrated padlocked (two keys included) or Air Lock (5 disposable numbered locks included)

Cage length:

Turtle-78 - 16mm

Turtle-79 - 25mm

Cage inner diameter: 33mm
Ring sizes included: 42mm, 45mm, 48mm and 52mm
Colours available: Black, Pink or Red

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Device too big

Do you sell smaller cages?
The main ring of 40 is too big for me.
The T 78 hull is well deep, but too wide.

The PERFECT sissy chastity!

I think this is my 3rd cage from LockedLifeUK and once again, another brilliant chastity!

I’ve always wanted a smaller chastity, not quite a flat but nothing too big, this one is perfect for any sissy.

I’ve had this cage on for about 5 days now, I can safely say it would be more than suitable for 24/7 wearers, including wearing it to work, out in public and to bed (please be careful sleeping in chastity) I’ve been sleeping in chastity for years, other people might experience discomfort.

Overall it's an adorable cage, it looks amazing, it feels super comfortable for long term wear, very durable and solid, would highly recommend!