Captive - Pink (Nub to Maxi)

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Our Captive chastity cage is one of our most advanced designs, featuring a durable and breathable design. Constructed to a high standard, our chastity is comfortable and great for long-term wear.

  • Lightweight durable design
  • Pastel Pink smooth plastic
  • Curved base rings for a comfortable wear
  • Air Lock with 3 disposable locks

Cage Length:
Nub - 55mm
Nano - 65mm
Small - 85mm
Standard - 95mm
Maxi - 105mm
Cage inner diameter:  Nub: 34mm & Nano to Maxi: 39mm 
Ring sizes included: 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 51mm & 55mm

Note: 2 keys and 1 brass lock included. Lock is on the left hand side when being worn

Check out an unboxing of the Captive - Black (Nano) by X (Twitter) user @cagedandlocked1!

Customer Reviews

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Anita & David
The best so far & hopefully the last we'll need!

David says: Very prompt delivery. I have tried 3 of the rings and found the smallest to be the most comfortable. The cage is comfortable too. I think I'll be kept in this for a very long time.
Anita says: This is just what we've been looking for ever since Covid. We don't do sex any more and I'm fed up with him masturbating all over the bathroom and his apparent inability to direct all of his pee straight into the toilet bowl. This item truly is a godsend.
I shall keep the keys in a secure place and, from now on, he'll be released only for supervised cleaning and shaving, probaby twice a week. The months and years ahead are looking brighter already!
David says: Yes Dear.

Great, but check sizing

A really great quality cage and a fetching colour too! Unfortunately I chose the wrong size and so it’s far too roomy for my little dick. Make sure you properly check the sizing and still go down a size further.

Sara Jayne

I’ve had 3 or 4 cages over the years and they’ve all been garbage. I had a knock off cb and some steel ones. They’ve always been poorly made and uncomfortable. I’m not hung by any stretch but being uncut means a lot of those other don’t fit as they’re made for Americans. This is perfect. It’s comfy and snug without being painful and the material is nice and soft. I’m really impressed with my purchase and it’s well worth the price.

The customers service is great too, I had an issue (my fault) with delivery and they responded very quickly.

Super comfortable.

Really comfortable and basically the perfect size. Will wear it very often, highly recommended.

Superb comfort

I've tried a few cages from the HT to chinese knock offs to get the size right and once I knew my size the Captive seemed perfect, and it is. It's light, smooth, allows for manipulation of my penis to urinate and the gaps give access for cleaning. With 4 rings finding a nice snug fit is simple and overall it's a pleasure to wear with no long-term chaffing or side affects.