Chastity Cage Size Guide

Our Chastity Cage Size Guide provides a rough estimation of what size cage should fit you best. Our helpful guide takes into account customer feedback and manufacture size guides to create our Chastity Cage Size Guide.

When measuring yourself, ensure you are flaccid and allow the penis to hang as it normally would. Measure the length of the penis while flaccid (measure the top of the shaft). it may be useful to take several measurements across the day to get a better idea of size. Our customers tell us they are happy when their cage is a good match for their flaccid length and having a ‘snug’ feeling.

Most of our cages come with a ring set, so no need to measure the entire genitalia (underneath the ball sack to over the base of the penis – this is where the ring will sit). Our stainless steel cages come with a 45mm ring as standard.

Please note that this chart is a rough guide and not a guarantee. There is some crossover between sizes.

Penis Length:

Cage Size:

10mm - 40mm Micro (experienced users)

35mm - 60mm


40mm - 75mm


60mm - 90mm


80mm - 110mm


90mm - 120mm



So, you have an idea of what size cage to get, but unsure which one to choose? use our Chastity Cage Finder tool!