Locked Life - Pink (Nano to Small)

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We are proud to introduce our own brand chastity cage, featuring a unique and lightweight design. This cage is perfect for those more advanced on their chastity journey, the smooth finish ensures the cage is comfortable for long-term wear.

Coming in Pink or Black, you can choose a colour that suits your personality. Engraved with 'LOCKED LIFE' your cage will be sure to stand out from the rest. Featuring curved base rings, ergonomic design, large pee hole, Air Lock and more this cage is great for experienced users.

  • High quality resin material
  • Curved base rings
  • Lock up with an integrated padlocked (two keys included) or Air Lock (5 disposable numbered locks included)

Cage length: Nano - 43mm & Small 53mm
Cage inner diameter: 35mm
Ring sizes included: 42mm, 45mm, 48mm, 52mm
Colours available: Black or Pink

Package includes:

  • Cage
  • 4 Rings
  • 1 Lock and 2 Keys
  • Air Lock and 5 disposable locks

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Fabulous cage

This is my first cage going so small. It is very comfortable and makes my package feel incredibly good. I'm delighted I bought it. Highly recommended.

Great cage !

This is an incredibly comfortable cage that greatly exceeds the quality of other cages I have bought for the same price. The only issue I had with it was that, thanks to the larger pee hole, it was possible for a strong erection to push out the end


Finally found a cage that fits well and is comfortable to wear long term all I will say is that it will need to be taken off everyday for a clean

the perfect cage for any aspiring sissy ;D

probably the most comfortable cage ive worn to date

The perfect sissy chastity!

I can't emphasise enough how amazing this is and for the price, it's an absolute bargain.

Ever since I got into chastity cages I wasted so much money buying cheap ones, I just wish I found LockedLife sooner!

From having an integrated lock or an airlock with disposable padlocks (I think you own metal padlock would work too) to the choice of different rings to get the perfect fit, a stunning vibrant colour and durable quality, this chastity cage is perfect for beginners and more experienced 24/7 wearers like myself.

One issue I've had with previous cages is that they're not light or subtle to wear while I'm at work, this one I have no issues with whatsoever. It doesn't create a big bulge like my other ones, no one would ever know which makes it even better!

Overall it's an adorable cage, it looks amazing, it feels super comfortable for long term wear, very durable and solid, would highly recommend!