Deep Dive - Locked Life Chastity Cage

Deep Dive - Locked Life Chastity Cage

We have been working with one of the largest and most respectable chastity cage manufactures to co-design our own brand nano sized chastity, unique to the market with fantastic features!

Our own brand chastity device is a great cage for experienced users. Coming in Black or Pink, you can choose a colour that suits your personality.

What makes the Locked Life chastity cage so great?

  • Featuring an integrated padlock or disposable plastic locks
  • Curved base rings ensure a comfortable fit, with a choice of four ring sizes you're sure to find the perfect fit
  • A fantastic finish in smooth resin, featuring a heart shape at the top of the device makes if perfect for gifting to a loved one
  • Buy it first at

To keep costs down and to continue to provide affordable cages to our customers, we have agreed that our cage 'LOCKED LIFE' can be sold to other retailers. 

Air Lock:

Want to keep track of your lock up? Use the Air Lock pin, our cage comes with 5 disposable plastic locks to get you started!


So, how much does it cost and is it worth it? The current price is £42.95 (as of December 2022). We might be biased, but this cage features tons of features not otherwise seen at this price point. Let's take a look at the Pros and Cons.


  • A well refined Experienced Cage, unique to others on the market
  • Smooth resin finish for a comfortable experience
  • Integrated padlock or Air Lock
  • Large pee hole to avoid accidents
  • Curved base rings, four included for a perfect fit


  • One size doesn't fit all, unfortunately our cage is only available in one size (Nano)
  • Just two colours available
  • Curved base rings, you may prefer flat rings

Should you buy it?

That's your choice. This cage was co-designed in Late 2022 and you can get it first at, New to the market you'll be sure to stand out! Featuring curved base rings, ergonomic design, large pee hole, Air Lock and more this cage is great for experienced users. However, it is only available in Pink or Black and one size only, so this cage may not be for you.

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