5 Key Considerations for Choosing a Chastity Cage

5 Key Considerations for Choosing a Chastity Cage

When considering buying a chastity cage, it can feel overwhelming. Discover the freedom and excitement of owning a male chastity cage! We understand that the decision to purchase a cage can feel overwhelming, which is why we've simplified the process into 5 essential factors to consider.

1. Finding the right size

The first thing to know is that we categorise our cages in 5 sizes: Nub, Nano, Small, Standard and Maxi. When buying your first cage it can be difficult to know what size to buy, that’s why we created our simple and easy to follow ‘Chastity Cage Size Guide’ which explains how you can measure yourself and identify what size you are. Please note our guide does not guarantee a perfect fit. You can find out size guide here: https://lockedlife.co.uk/pages/chastity-cage-size-guide

2. Budget

We acknowledge that our customers have a budget and want to stick to it. That’s why we stock cages from £14.95 all the way to £69.96!

Budget cages

Due to the lower price point, most of our cages in the Beginner range will have less features, made from cheaper materials and not as ergonomic to wear. Still, for £24.95 you can get a stainless steel chastity cage with an inbuilt lock, how amazing is that! 

Beginner range: https://lockedlife.co.uk/collections/beginner-cages

Experienced cages

We’ve been rapidly expanding our experienced range over the past 12 months, so you’ll be sure to find something for you. Our experienced cages can come with additional features such as Air Lock and breathable designs. One of our customer favourites is the Captive cage costing just £44.95, available in pink and black!

Experienced range: https://lockedlife.co.uk/collections/experienced-cages

3. Material

We sell cages made from a wide range of materials and using different production methods.

Our cheaper cages are made with Resin, which is a smooth type of plastic (such as the V2, V3 and V4 cages).

The more expensive models are made with a hard plastic, which is very durable (such as the Locked Life cage). Some of our cages use a mixture of hard plastic for the base rings and then a 3D printed cage (such as our Bound cage)

4. Consider a chastity strap

We offer elastic and leather cage straps, which have proven really popular with our customers. Our customers tell us that having a strap enhances their experience by keeping the cage help up to their body, which is great for longer periods of wear.

Buy a chastity strap here: https://lockedlife.co.uk/collections/accessories 

5. Find a colour that suits you

Wearing a chastity cage can help you express yourself, so why not wear one in your favourite colour? We stock stainless steel, clear, black and various shades of pink cages here at Locked Life UK, so you’re sure to find a colour that fits your personality.

That's all on the 5 key considerations for choosing a chastity cage. 

To help you find the cage for you, try out our chastity cage finder tool which asks a few basic questions: colour, cost and size to give you recommendations based on your answers: https://lockedlife.co.uk/tools/perfect-product-finder/chastity-cage-finder#/questions/1

Ultimately finding a chastity cage for you is a personal choice, so have a look around and see what you fancy. Many customers will often start with a beginner cage to try out the sizing and material and upgrade to a more expensive model when they feel more comfortable finding something that works for them.

Remember, we’re here to help! Use our live chat function on the website to send us a message or email us at contact@lockedlife.co.uk.