Tiny Turtle - Stainless Steel (Micro)

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Discover our Tiny Turtle cage with an amazingly small, breathable design. This cage is perfect for experienced users. Like the style but need something slightly bigger and not stainless steel? Check out our Pink Turtle cage and Black Turtle cage!

Please note: All our stainless steel cages come with a 45mm ring as standard.

We don't stock other ring sizes for this cage, if you'd like a 40mm or 50mm ring, please send us an email.

    Due to the small size, we only recommend this cage for experienced users of chastity.

    • High quality stainless steel
    • Unique Turtle shaped design
    • Screw locking mechanism

    Cage length: 25mm
    Cage inner diameter: 32mm
    Ring size: 45mm
    Gap between ring and cage: 8mm