Bound - Purple (Micro)

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Now in a stunning purple colour!

Our Bound chastity cage features innovative design with an all new mechanism that holds the ring and case together. Boasting a breathable design this cage is the perfect chastity for a comfortable experience for long-term users.

  • Lightweight and durable design
  • 5 rings included
  • Curved base rings for a comfortable wear

Cage Length: 14mm
Cage inner diameter: 41mm
Ring sizes included: 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 51mm & 55mm

Check out an unboxing of the Bound - Purple (Nub) by X (Twitter) user @Sadykins1!

Customer Reviews

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Brilliant cage

Been wearing this cage since i got it. Amazing design, very few pinch points. Really comfy for 24/7 wear.
The cage feels light but sturdy, there can be some slight movement between the ring and cage but not enough to cause issues. Plenty of options on ring size, so a snug fit is guaranteed.
It's easy to maintain your natural bodily functions in, but i would suggest sitting down to be safe ;)
And of course this cage is perfect to be teased in with no chance of escape.