Annoying Chastity Key Safe

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The 3D Printed Key Safe is really ANNOYING! That's because it's locked shut with 25 small screws. Challenge yourself to see how quickly you can unscrew those 25 screws and open up the key safe. Get ready to accept the ANNOYING KEY SAFE challenge!

Printed by Spicy Explorers and sold under license from ThinAir3D.

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Based on some testing this box takes around 3-6 minutes to open using the tool provided.

  • 3D Printed by our friends at Spicy Explorers
  • 4 mini tools to open the safe
  • Keep your keys safe, but accessible during in an emergency 

Box dimensions: Width: 68mm, Height: 58mm, Depth: 25mm

Please check your keys are compatible as shown in the photos.